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Free Prestashop Themes

Are you looking for free PrestaShop themes? Explore our premium free PrestaShop themes on Themevolty, your marketplace for gorgeous PrestaShop 1.7 & 8 templates. Experience cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, and simple installation - all ideal for firms looking to improve their online visibility and raise their search engine rankings with SEO-friendly features. Select from a variety of eye-catching gratuit themes right now!

Free Prestashop Themes

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Free PrestaShop Templates & Themes

You've already made the decision to use Prestashop as your eCommerce platform for your upcoming online store, but you'd want to give it a try first. You are undoubtedly aware that, given the pay of designers and developers, building a website can be a costly and drawn-out process. But don't worry! We have a fantastic offer for you! With our free Prestashop templates, you can build your own website without having to pay any money!

You may learn more about creating an online store, promoting your goods or services, and increasing sales by utilizing the carefully chosen free Prestashop themes available at ThemeVolty. Every free theme has a straightforward yet elegant style that matches any color scheme and picture selection.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is one of the leading eCommerce CMS platforms available today. It is well known as the leading brand that helps to build robust websites. You can easily create your unique website through the themes that are specific to your business. Check out our latest Prestashop themes.

These themes are easy to tweak and convert as per your needs for your eCommerce website. You can plan and execute these themes very easily because PrestaShop is an open-source platform.

The theme upholds PHP and MySQL programming languages. These themes offer a default design with modules, pictures, and documentation that you can use to plan the format and make a website in the manner of your choice. Some PrestaShop modules are very helpful in improving the conversion rate for your e-commerce stores.

What are the important features of free prestaShop themes?

You can work on the look and functionality of your online stores with Prestashop. PrestaShop has responsive themes, layouts, and templates. You can make your PrestaShop store ready within a few days because the themes are simple and clear and do not require any coding abilities.

The multifunctional programming software helps to add any functionality that you desire for a basic to a high-end eCommerce website. In a similar fashion, you can customize themes and create a stunning online store without any problems. Here are the reasons why our PrestaShop themes are the best :

Easy to use and Modern Design

Theme Volty PrestaShop designs are unique. We have made the designs after deep contemplation and discussion. Therefore, we are able to create designs that are current. On top of it, these designs are made in such a manner that they lead to better purchases for your online store. Moreover, they are simple, ingenious, and effective.

Flexible eCommerce store Templates

Theme Volty PrestaShop eCommerce templates help you to build a multifunctional eCommerce store. It has a wide range of templates to choose from.

Fully Responsive Designs

The themes are fully responsive and unified with a number of distinct characteristics. They can work well and adjust to all devices be they laptops, mobiles, desktops, or tablets.

Mega Menu

You can convert the normal menu into a mega menu using the mega menu functionality. Megamenu comes with lots of other features like a Sticky Menu Bar, Grid Layout, etc.

Search engine friendly Themes

If you have an online store it is inevitable that you rank on keywords that your target audience searches for. The Theme Volty PrestaShop themes help you to climb up the ladder of search engines because these themes are SEO-friendly.

This is because it makes sure that your website indexes well. On top of it, you can also add specific keywords in the backend of your website to rank for those keywords.

Extensive Documentation

The themes ask for some extensive documents that help you to make a completely functional eCommerce website.

Best Free PrestaShop Themes:

Best Free Prestashop Themes

Megashop Electronics Mobile Store

Do you own a mobile shop? Do you sell mobile phones and mobile accessories? In that case, the Megashop Electronics Mobile Store free theme can be your best option to sell your products. It provides you with a doorway of possibilities to sell online and get in touch with a bigger audience.

Dream furniture and home decor

Do you possess a furniture-selling business? Do you believe that your potential purchasers should see HD pictures of your items? In that case, this responsive Dream furniture and home decor template is your smartest choice. You can adjust the theme very well as per your choice and business needs. You can likewise achieve a Fantastic Color Combination that can help you flaunt your new products and offers.

It can help you show your business in great light to your potential customers. Similarly, It is the most ideal for organizations that deal in furniture, wood, earthenware, kitchen, home-elaborate inter and exterior decor, and items that connect with craftsmanship.

Ishop Super Electronics Mart

Ishop Super Electronics Mart is one of the quickest themes of Prestashop. It is also a Responsive one. The intent of this theme is to ease the burden of entrepreneurs who sell Electronics items, TV, design Apparel, Wear, Accessories, and Clothing stores. The theme works well on all devices, It is also easy to understand and has a fine-looking template that an electronic seller can change as per his or her needs.

Cake Dream Cake Shop

Cake's Dream Cake Shop PrestaShop Theme is the best theme you can get on PrestaShop if you own a cakes and Cupcakes store. It has a format based on HTML. It has extremely helpful highlights to make your website as per your dream. This is because Cake Dream has the ideal layouts for your cake shop. You can say for sure that you have got a new theme never found on other themes and layouts.

Ebook - Online Library Magazine store

The Ebook Online Library magazine store is the best theme that you can get a hold of if you are a content creator, content developer, or content manager. This theme is tailor-made to provide an excellent solution to online and offline bookstore owners and library owners. The theme is such that it adjusts automatically as per the screen of a laptop, desktop, or mobile. Moreover, the software used in it helps you to download faster. It also has a good admin panel which plays an important part in managing the website well.

How to download free PrestaShop themes from Themevolty?

If you want to know how to download PrestaShop templates from Themevolty. Just Follow Below Mention Steps.

  • Visit Themevolty's Official website and click Free PrestaShop Themes and Templates From Menu.
  • Select Free Responsive PrestaShop Themes and Templates for your online store.
  • Add Theme In Cart. Then Click the Checkout button from Popup.
  • Fill out The Information in the form And Place your Order.
  • Under My Account select "Order history and Downloads.
  • Download the free PrestaShop theme from Order History.

How can I install the Themevolty free PrestaShop theme?

It is easy to download and install the best free themes from Themevolty. The steps are as under to download these themes manually

  • You have to download the theme and unzip the file.
  • After that, you have to go to the admin panel and select the Preferences tab and in that go to the themes section
  • In the themes, section choose the theme of your choice
  • All you have to do is copy and paste the details of the theme into your empty theme directory.
  • Once you have done that you can modify the theme as per your requirements.
  • Thirdly, You can even rename the theme and edit it as per your name
  • Fourthly, you have to delete all the unwanted files
  • You can add your custom Javascript and CSS

Best Selling Premium Prestashop Theme and Templates.


We have jotted down some FAQs that we get from clients who want to use our theme Volty PrestaShop themes and templates. Hope this helps you as well.

Can I Use Free PrestaShop Themes For My PrestaShop Store?

Why Not! You can use any of Free PrestaShop Themes from ThemeVolty. You can find Various types of Free PrestaShop Themes at ThemeVolty Marketplace.

How do I easily Customize my Free PrestaShop Themes?

If you are old user of the ThemeVolty, you should know ThemeVolty is the Creative Thing. ThemeVolty always be a first to share and invent new, creative things in Prestashop.

  1. Admin Panel
  2. Responsive Version Of Theme
  3. Easy to switch Colors.
  4. Custom set background Images, patterns, and colors.
  5. Font Changes.
  6. Compare Product

Does all the Free PrestaShop Themes are Mobile Friendly?

Yes, all the Version of Free PrestaShop themes are Responsive no matter what type of Device you used.

How can I find the Best Premium PrestaShop Themes?

ThemeVolty is the Production House of PrestaShop Themes. You can find best of best PrestaShop themes here. Our most Popular theme is Electron. Visit our Prestashop Themes page to find most Precious Premium PrestaShop themes.


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