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One Translate - Prestashop Translate Module

Developed by - Themevolty
From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.x.x
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    One Translate - Prestashop Translation Premium Module with 1 click to automatically translate your store. Google Translation supports 133+ languages to Grow faster your business in multiple countries.

    What is One Translation - Prestashop Translate Module?

    Would you like all the content in your store to be automatically translated? You have thousands, hundreds, or even millions of categories, products, attributes, images, features, etc. Do you not want to miss weeks on manual translation? "Translate content" is the new module for you.

    It is possible to translate all the content of your shop automatically! The best translation module, called "Translate Content," has been used in more than 15,000 shops since its creation. You can add translation capability to your PrestaShop accounts or stores with One Translate. Your store's languages can be translated more easily with this module.

    The module can be installed easily, and you can start translating your store in just a few clicks. More than 133 languages can be used with the module, and it is often updated to add even more. This makes it easy for your business to grow around the world.

    Features & Benefits

    There is no better translation module than "Translate content". It has the best features at the lowest price. We will translate everything, regardless of how much data needs to be translated! In most cases, our clients have been able to translate their shops with several thousand products. The premium version offers the following benefits:

    • Bulk translation in one click.
    • You only need to click once to check the status of the translation.
    • A total of 133+ languages are available.
    • See all languages' percentage of translation.
    • Select fields for translation.
    • Searching made it MUCH easier!
    • It's easy to use and has a great user interface/user experience.
    • Documentation on how to use it.
    • Another fantastic theme developed by Themevolty!

    You can choose between Google, Microsoft, Yandex, and DeepL, which all offer excellent translation services. It's as simple as clicking a button! It is almost as if you had translated your shop manually. The translations will pop up in your front office and back office as though you had saved them. You can later modify them if necessary!

    There are also links, URLs, and translations of keywords, as well as well-kept formatting (colors, sizes, alignment, etc.). When you use other software components that have already been installed, there are no problems with compatibility or setup.

    Integrated tools:

    • We automatically translate the content with each modification without the need to use our module
    • List of words to exclude from translation: Define a list of words to exclude from the translation
    • The smart dictionary lets you set the translations you want for certain words based on your preferences
    • You can easily find and replace words or phrases within your store's content.

    How to install One Translate - Prestashop Translate Module?

    • The first step is to select the 'upload a module' button in the back office's module manager.
    • Select the module file from the system or drag and drop it.
    • This will ensure a successful installation of the module.


    Admins can configure the module after it has been successfully installed. Configuring the module can be done by clicking on the image below.

    • Translate using Google Translator:

    Through the Back Office> International> Translation, the administrator can translate all content using Google Translate.

    • Front-end integration of Google Translate:

    Users will be able to change the website language to any other language if Google Translation is enabled.

    • Would like to display some specific language(s):

    A front-end admin can select which languages Google Translator should be available for.

    How to use One Translate - PrestaShop Translation Module?

    • Your back office can be used to install the module
    • Decide which translation service you want to use and set it up
    • Your translation will be based on the content and the languages you choose. Everything is translated, and now you can start selling!
    • You can contact the developer if you have any problems, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    The new Back Office translation interface requires modules to opt-in before they can be translated. You can do this by putting the following function into your module's main class:



    public function isUsingNewTranslationSystem()


          return true;


    This is followed by:

    • To translate a page, go to the "Translations" menu, then click "Translate",
    • Find the "Type of translation" drop-down and choose "Installed modules translations" in the "Modify translations" section.
    • You can translate any module you choose.
    • The module can easily translate your store into any language you choose. You must already have the destination language installed to be able to translate into it.
    • The "Modify" button will appear.

    When you choose a module, a page will show all the words for that module grouped by which translation domain they belong to. As soon as a translation is saved, it is stored in the database in the following table: ps_translations

    Where can you translate?

    Once the One Translate module has been installed and set up correctly, you can use it in all parts of your store. There won't be a problem even if you have a lot of products! All shops should be able to use the module! Your shop's products will be translated regardless of whether you have 1,000, 100,000, or more products.

    Why is One Translate the best option for Prestashop Translate Module?

    Modules that don't require you to sign up or create an account can be used in any way you want. In the event that you come across any issues or configuration problems, you can get support. Additionally, it works with the Google Translate Engine, which has access to all languages under the sun. 

    • Since your shop is translated into their languages, your customers can visit and shop there easily.
    • All translated languages will be listed in search engines so that you can find your products and your shop.

    Where to buy One Translate - PrestaShop translation module?

    From the ThemeVolty store, you can get the One Translate module for Prestashop. With Themevolty, you can create custom e-commerce themes for your e-commerce web stores, which will help you improve all types of e-commerce businesses. Themevolty was started in 2016 and works in the IT field to develop e-commerce themes. PrestaShop is rated number one as one of the most trusted e-commerce development companies. We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied and to improve their business with Themevolty.

    One Translate Customer Review & Rating 

    Check out the reviews on ThemeVolty's website to learn more about their new One Translate module's success. Users who have already installed the module are very satisfied with it and find it easy to use. Several of them have described it as having a great design, plenty of features, and flexibility, as shown on the website. According to them, the module is easy to install, responsive, and very responsive, and if you need help, you can contact the customer support team.

    Pricing & Plans 

    The One Translate Module v1.7.0 to v1.7.8.x can be bought from the ThemeVolty Store for a base price of €125.99. The module package, documentation, and three months of support will be sent in a WinZip file, along with three months of support. A free and unlimited translation service is available to everyone without requiring registration.

    What is the number of things that will be translated? Product Attribute Groups, Product Attributes, Product Values, Category, CMS Page, CMS Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, SEO, URLs, Modules, Module Database Tables, Themes, and Other Translations are all covered.


    How complicated is it?

    Not at all. A full set of documentation is included with the module. The module can be configured in only a few minutes, and the translation can begin.

    Translating into how many languages is possible?

    In your shop, you can translate all the languages installed. Now you can translate your shop into 22 languages with Theme Volty's free and unlimited translation service. If you want to translate all of your shop's languages, you can leave out the words that have already been translated. Modules exclude by default the names of the brands present in your store. If you do not wish to translate certain words, you may add them.

    Do you think it's SEO-friendly?

    It is suggested that you use this module if you are having trouble making your online shop's references better. You can translate your shop into any language you want, and all the languages you translate will be referenced in search engines.


    • My Wishlist

    • Auto Compress HTML Code to Run Quickly.

    • Compare Product

    • Live Product Search

    • Custom Theme Colours.

    • Product Zoom


    • Retina Ready

    • Google Web Fonts

    • Bootstrap

    • Icon Fonts

    • Support RTL (right-to-left) Language

    • HTML5 / CSS3

    • Sass / Less


    • Scroll To Top Button

    • Quick View Product

    • Grid or List View

    • Standard 5 Step Checkout

    • Search Block

    • Layered Navigation


    • Background Video

    • Effects & Transitions

    • Custom Width

    • Custom Static Content

    • Custom Number of Columns

    • Custom Background

    • Custom Page Layout


    • Horizontal Menu

    • Sticky Menu

    • Dropdown Menu

    Additionnal Features

    • Full Screen Slider

    • Newsletter Subscription Popup

    • Popup Add to Cart

    • Custom Slideshow

    • Product Comments

    Basic Features

    • Photo Gallery

    • Ajax Cart

    • Newsletter Subscription Form

    • Display Manufacturer / Brand on Product Page

    • Manufacturer / Brand Slider

    • Product Wishlist

    • Product Labels

    • Product Comparison

    • Custom Static Block

    • Product Slider (Featured, New, Special and Best Seller products)

    • Product Block (Featured, New, Special and Best Seller products.)

    • Featured Categories on Homepage

    • Contact Form

    • Social Block

    • Social Share Buttons

    • Newsletter Subscription Block in Footer

    Denny holten10/19/2022
    Expected requirment

    i full filed my all requirement of this module regarding translations

      Gian liss10/19/2022
      24 X 7 support

      Very good service and they helped me solve the problems and provide me a instant support

        mike wood10/19/2022
        magic product

        Very professional plug-in for prestashop. this module helps me a lot and save my time.

          Herry col10/19/2022
          100% Recommended

          Even though it holds incredible power,automatic translations .

            Sparke wing10/19/2022
            Awesome Product

            Fantastic support and very quick resolution, customer support is amazing and also theme, i highly recommended to everyone

              John Michale10/19/2022
              Amazing module for prestashop

              Highly recommended to everyone. its amazing product and work look like a magic, close eye and purchase it.

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                One Translate - Prestashop Translate Module

                One Translate - Prestashop Translate Module

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